Care & Handling

An Indoor Garden is a collection of live plants grown in a single container. With proper care, plants in the container will eventually grow large, allowing for a transplant into their own separate container. In time, a small Indoor Garden can grow into a collection of beautiful household tropical plants.

Indoor Garden plants do well in diffused light with moderately moist soil, with average home temperatures between 55 - 80°F (13 - 27°C). Be careful not to over water the plants - the containers do not allow for drainage. When in doubt, determine the need by simply feeling the soil; cool and moist soil indicates a proper amount of water. The rate of growth is also dependant upon the amount of light received; the less light received, the slower the rate of growth. However, be careful not to place the Indoor Garden in direct sunlight.

For healthier growth, a balanced fertilizer can be added to the soil on a monthly basis, (see fertilizer package instructions for appropriate mixing ratios). With proper fertilizing, the plants will remain lush and green. Tip: yellowing leaves are an indication of either a lack of nutrients or inappropriate watering (too much or not enough).

An assortment of flowering plants may be added to our spring and holiday arrangements. The life expectancy of flowering plants is less than the tropical foliage, with the exception of the kalanchoe, which is a hearty flowering variety and thus included in designs thoughout the year.