The autumn fern is not known to be invasive, and growing autumn ferns in gardens couldn’t be easier.


Adding a few inches of compost, peat moss or leaf mold to the soil at planting time will improve growing conditions and get the fern off to a healthy start.


Once established, autumn fern care is minimal. Basically, just provide water as needed so the soil never becomes bone dry, but be careful not to over water. Autumn fern benefits from a light application of slow-release fertilizer just after growth appears in spring. Always follow directions on the label when using fertilizer.


Remember the autumn fern is a naturally slow-growing plant. Fall is a good time to apply an inch or two of compost or mulch, which will protect the roots from possible damage caused by freezing and thawing. Always apply a fresh layer in spring.


Autumn fern tends to be disease resistant, however the plant may rot in soggy,

poorly-drained soil.

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