The Button Fern is also know as Pellaea Rotundifolia.

Button fern is a dependable plant that grows well indoors with little care.


This New Zealand native has arching fronds densely covered with small, round leaflets. This plant is an eye-catching accent for any brightly lit room. 


Place this fern on a plant stand among other tropical plants or put it in a hanging basket and allow the trail of leathery, button-shaped leaflets to cascade over the side.

You will find the button fern in shops all year round, although it's not as easy to find as other types of ferns. If you come across this fern, buy it. It is easy to care for and will be

a welcomed addition to your home or office for quite some time.

Caring for button fern is easy! Unlike most ferns, the button fern enjoys fairly dry conditions, it actually really dislikes soggy soil.


Repot in spring, when the roots have filled the pot. Move the fern to a pot that's only slightly larger. Use a pot with a drainage hole to prevent soggy soil (as we know, the button fern does not like soggy soil). If you would like to divide the fern at this time, go ahead. It's the perfect time.


Keep this fern in bright, indirect light and at aconstant room temperature. The button fern won't go dormant. With consistent care, it will

grow year-round! Brown leaf tips are caused by high temperatures (above 75°F/24°C) or dry air. Trim off dry leaflets and raise the humidity around your plant.

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