Did you know there are low maintenance houseplants that fight hidden
air pollution?
What could be easier?!

Did you also know that the air quality indoors is approximately 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air? Not just at home, but in the office too.

Some noxious gases that may be silently lingering in your air include formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, carbon monoxide and more. YIKES!

Don't worry, we are here to help you detox that air! Ok, not us per-se
but the trusted Peace Lily (aka Spathiphyllum) has got your back. YAY!

The Peace Lily filters noxious gases by taking them in and breaking them down. It also effectively converts CO2 into oxygen. Not only that but it also improves the humidity by its regulatory evaporation process. 

I know, hard to believe eh? We aren't kidding! This plant is THAT great! Nasa even thinks so! Did you know they did a Clean Air Study
and researched how to clean the air in space stations?
One of their findings showed that certain plants were
particularly effective at filtering toxins from the air.
Yes, the incredible Peace Lily is on that list.

Enjoy this beauty in your home or office and breathe easy, Friends.