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alt="Andrew Senior in his garden"

Located near the shore of Lake Ontario in the scenic region of Niagara, Ontario, Hendriks Greenhouses is a well established and respected company that can look back on a tradition of steady growth. John Peter Hendriks started the farm in 1953, assisted by two sons, including Andrew Sr. The 10 acre farm consisted of pears, peaches and cherries, as well as one greenhouse (20’x 80’) where tomatoes were grown. Later, they began to grow some flower crops in rotation with other vegetables. Every few years, more greenhouses were added to increase cucumber and tomato production.

In 1967, Andrew Sr. took over the business from his father and shifted the company focus towards flower production. Andrew Sr. had to learn from scratch; he was not familiar with these types of crops, but there existed the potential for higher income. The complete transition from vegetables to flowers spanned 10 to 15 years. In 1970, Andrew Sr.’s wife Helen suggested they add tropical plants to their production. This went extremely well and lead, shortly thereafter, to the development of Indoor Garden production which the Hendriks name has become famous for in the floral industry, in both Canada and the U.S. A long time has passed since the Hendriks family began this aspect of the business, making 20 Indoor Gardens a week, putting care and pride into each basket. Today, the same care and pride is committed to our products, while fulfilling orders for up to 10,000 units per day, during peak seasons.

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