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Soil and plants

1. Spin your plants around so they grow evenly. Do this weekly.

2. Don't fertilize in the winter, only spring and summer.

3. Use pots with holes in them for proper drainage.

4. Plants can grow faster in the shade if you put them outside in the summer.

5. Avoid overwatering with a moisture meter.

6. Don't let water sit in the saucer, it can make the roots too soggy.

7. Use a systemic insecticide to keep bugs away from your plant.

8. Cut off brown leaves by following the natural leaf shape.

9. Clean dust off your plant with a damp cloth.

10. Pinch off the plant ends (propagating) to make a new plant.

11. It is better to under water your plants than over watering them.

12. Avoid placing your plants near radiators, A/C units, and air vents.

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